Professional Malpractice

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In the area of professional malpractice defense, the lawyers at Shuman, McCuskey & Slicer, PLLC have been providing effective legal representation and service to professional clients throughout West Virginia and Virginia. Our firm routinely defends licensed individuals facing a variety of allegations involving professional malpractice or misconduct. We have successfully defended clients ranging from licensed health care providers and attorneys to accountants, architects, engineers, and registered securities agents.

We have a proven track record of defending lawyers involved in legal malpractice claims, whether it is civil litigation or licensure issues. We also routinely defend accountants, architects, and engineers against claims of negligence or malpractice. In these cases, we are able to call upon our experience in construction law and lender liability litigation in order to defend claims that often involve construction and banking issues. Our firm also provides insurance agent and insurance brokers’ defense, realtors and real estate agent defense, and stockbrokers’ and broker-dealer defense, and handles representation in the defense of fiduciaries, executors, and other licensed professionals in their official capacities.

In addition to our litigation practice involving professional malpractice defense, our attorneys also represent individuals in administrative law hearings, disciplinary proceedings, and license reinstatement applications. Matters affecting a professional license go to the very heart of an individual’s ability to practice one’s chosen profession, and our attorneys work hard to prepare a solid defense before regulatory and licensing boards on our clients’ behalf.