Michael Dunham

On January 30, 2020, Michael Dunham and Kathryn McCann-Slaughter tried Robey v. Clevenger in Winchester General District Court. The case stemmed from a collision that occurred on May 5, 2019, at the intersection of Pleasant Valley Road and Jubal Early Drive. Plaintiff contended that  Ms. Clevenger was attempting to make a left turn into the path of the Plaintiff, causing the collision. The Plaintiff alleged he suffered injuries including a concussion, cervical strain, and midline thoracic back pain. Ms. Clevenger contended that she was not making a left turn, despite being confused and telling officers such at the scene. Rather, Ms. Clevenger contended she was traveling straight, and the light was yellow when she entered the intersection. At trial, both Ms. Clevenger and her passenger testified that they were traveling straight through the intersection, were almost through the intersection when the collision occurred, and the light was yellow when they entered the intersection. The Court ruled in favor of Ms. Clevenger and found she did not breach a duty owed to the Plaintiff.