Shuman McCuskey Slicer PLLC Member Christopher D. Negley

SMS attorneys Christopher D. Negley and Caleb B. David obtained dismissals of six cases in Raleigh County Circuit Court. The plaintiffs alleged that a non-party driver pulled onto the roadway, struck a vehicle, turned around, struck a parked vehicle, and then crashed through the front of a building. The plaintiffs, all attendees at a bingo event in the building, alleged that the owner of the building was negligent in failing to construct barriers to prevent harm to the building’s occupants from drivers on the adjacent roadway. Mr. Negley and Mr. David argued that the alleged harm was unforeseeable and, therefore, the defendant building owner did not owe the plaintiffs a duty to protect against that harm. Following oral argument, the Court agreed and granted the defendant’s Motion to Dismiss in all six consolidated cases.